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The Absolute Best Advice On How To Care For Your Cat

kids gps trackerFew
animals give a pet owner more satisfaction than the feline.
They are smart, funny and have a level of arrogance to compete
with some of the most conceded humans there
are! Most of all though, cats need love and attention. The following article offers
tips on caring for your feline friend.

If you have a diabetic cat, consider a grain free diet.
There are many studies that show grains will increase blood sugar readings and cause problems for
a cat with a diagnosis of diabetes. You can choose to go grain free with a
raw food diet for your friend or purchase a ready made food that is missing wheat, corn and soy.

Give high quality canned food to your pet cat. Yes, dry food is cheaper, but canned food really has
a lot more benefits. There is more water, more fat and more protein in it.
Aging cats will find it easier to chew. Speak with a vet, but
know that wet food is normally much better for your pet health tracker.

Never assume that a fence will keep your cat from leaving your yard.
Unless the fence is specially designed to keep
cats from escaping, it's safe to say that
your cat will find a way out. Also, remember that
your fence must be able to keep other animals from entering your backyard and harming your pet.

Have patience with your cat. Remember that your cat is not a dog, and may not be as easily trainable as one.
However, if you are being clear in your commands and gently encouraging them, you'll find that
your cat responds the way you want him to. Just be patient.

Think over whether or not you should let your cat go outdoors.

The outside world is very dangerous for cats. They can get fleas, feline AIDS or
even leukemia. Your cat might be injured by people, other animals and even vehicles on the road.
If letting your cat outdoors is important to you, let them out in a safe fenced area.

Most cats love to spend time outdoors, but indoor-only cats
rarely enjoy this opportunity. While it's not safe to allow your indoor
cat to roam freely outdoors, there are other options.
For example, you can use a leash and harness to
take your pet outdoors. It's a rare sight,
but it certainly isn't impossible. You are most likely to
be successful if you start leash training as a kitten.

Let kittens and cat-friendly pet dogs get to know each other
slowly. Put up a baby gate to keep dogs in one room
while your new kitten gets used to its surroundings. Supervise carefully when the kitten ventures
to the gate to meet the dogs. When the kitten feels safe, it will climb the gate.
If it feels threatened, it will pop right back out to safety.

Although depicted in countless movies and cartoons, milk is not the best source of nutrition for your cat.

Once cats have grown, they do not need milk as a regular part of their diet.
Milk can cause stomach distress and bloating. Instead of giving your
cat milk, always have fresh, clean water available to them instead.

Use a towel to dry your cat after a bath rather than a blow dryer.

A blow dryer can be very noisy, and the noise might scare your kitty.
Instead, rub him gently with a soft towel until he is almost dry, and allow him to dry himself the rest of the way naturally.

Save your furniture with scratching posts and pads. It is natural for cats to want to stretch their claws out
and scratch. This does not mean that a cat owner must have damaged furniture.
Provide your cat with places that it is okay to scratch and redirect them there if
they decide to try out your sofa. Cat scratching posts come in many shapes and materials and some cats prefer a particular type so it may take
some trial and error before you find the right combination for your kitty.

When adopting a cat, consider adopting two.
Cats are social creatures, and they prefer to be in the company of other
feline friends. Having two will help to keep your kitty occupied, and it can make it easier to take
care of your new pet. If owning two is not an option, make sure to spend extra time giving your
cat love.

If your cat is excessively meowing, try to figure out why.
By paying attention, you should eventually learn why your cat is meowing.
Your cat could be hungry or thirsty, or it may want to leave the house.

Be aware of the cues your cat gives you, and the two of you
will have a better relationship.

Ask if your veterinarian offers 24 hour emergency care. If they do not, get the number
for an emergency care facility in your area. If your cat becomes ill in the middle of the night,
you need someone to call immediately. Waiting can be quite dangerous, and even fatal at times.

Clean your cat's litter box. Cats will use litter boxes on instinct if
they know where to find it. Let your cat go naturally and
don't manually force it to go by putting it in the box or pushing it to scratch the litter.
Keep the box in a private place, scoop its contents
on a daily basis and give it a periodic wash.

Understand your cat's sounds. Meowing is a form of communication, often for food or to get your attention. There are other
sounds, though. Hissing usually indicates fear or anger, so you should
stay away. Cats also make certain sounds when they see prey.
This often sounds like a chirp. Purring may indicate
contentment, but sometimes it means nervousness.

If your cat tends to be antisocial and anxious with company, try giving
it a catnip toy a few hours before company arrives.
Many cats become very mellow when exposed to catnip. Even if your cat does not want to socialize after catnip exposure,
it will probably be happier and less anxious.

Sometimes it seems as if your cat is sleeping all of his
9 lives away, however, this is perfectly normal. It is
not unusual for cats to sleep up to 16 hours per day, and even more.

Much of their sleep is light sleep, an instinct that keeps them ready in the event that a predator is nearby.
About 25 percent of their sleep is deep sleep, where they
dream and conserve energy. Cats love to sleep-a lot!

Cats have a certain way about them which really can't be described with words.
To own one though, surely is to love one! Hopefully this article has helped you in your quest
to learn more about cats and taking care of them. They are amazing companions and you
should enjoy yours for many years to come.